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Advance DSP with MATLAB Events 2017        

Short Term Course on Advance DSP with MATLAB


Conducted By


National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh


20th to 24th February 2017


A Short Term Course on “Advance DSP with MATLAB” was conducted at  NITTTR, Chandigarh  during 20th to 24th February 2017. The objective of the course was to train and upgrade the faculty in the area of Digital Signal Processing. 


The faculty members from various colleges participated in the course which was coordinated by Dr. Rajesh Mehra (Associate Professor, ECE, NITTTR, Chandigarh). Dr. Rajesh Mehra, Dr. K. C. Lachwani (Assistant Professor, Applied Science) and Ms. Shallu Sharma (Research Scholar) NITTTR, Chandigarh was the resource person of this course. Mr. Raj Ranjan Prasad, Assistant Professor of ECE Department, DGI Greater Noida attended the workshop as a participant.


Day 1: 20th February 2017

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Rajesh Mehra. He discussed the objectives of the course and its contents.


After inauguration, Dr. Rajesh Mehra initiated the second session with an overview of DSP and talked about Transformation, Convolution and Correlation. He also explained the need of digital filters and the differences between FIR and IIR filters with respect to design. Later he discussed the uses of DSP with examples.


During the last session of day Dr. K. C. Lachwani discussed MATLAB software and demonstrated 2D and 3D plotting using MATLAB.


Day 2: 21st February 2017

First session of the second day was initiated by Ms. Shallu Sharma in which she discussed about different types of transformations and their properties used in DSP. She also focused on the significance of Region of Convergence (ROC). 


In the second session, Dr. Mehra gave insights into the use of Fourier Transform and z-Transform in DSP. He also explained the significance of impulse response of the systems and use of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).


During the post lunch session the participants performed experiments on Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) under the supervision of Ms. Shallu Sharma.


Day 3: 22nd February 2017

On third day, Dr. Rajesh Mehra initiated the session with a discussion Digital Filters, in which he explained different types of window functions used in FIR filter design. He also discussed about filter coefficients and order of the filters.


After a short tea break, Dr. Mehradiscussed different parameters of the digital filters. Later he explained how to write a program for designing the digital filter with different parameters and specifications in MATLAB software. He then discussed how to simulate and make comparative studies of the simulated filter outputs.


Post Lunch session progressed with the lab session, in which participants performed experiments under the supervision of Ms. Shallu Sharma.


Day 4: 23rd February 2017

First session of the day initiated by Dr. Rajesh Mehra, in which he discussed Butterworth, Chebyshev and Elliptic IIR filters. He also explained how to compare these filters in MATLAB with different specifications.


During the second session, Ms. Shalluspoke about Image Processing and discussed different types of noises in image processing (Gaussian Noise, Poisson Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise and Speckle Noise).  Later she discussed about wavelet transformation and explained different type of filters and their uses for De-noising of image.


In last session participants performed experiments on Butterworth, Chebyshev and Elliptic IIR filters which was discussed by Dr. Rajesh in first session.


Day 5: 24th February 2017

First session was initiated by Dr. Mehra, in which he discussed multirate DSP, and gave overview on up - sampling and down-sampling, Interpolator and Decimator.


In the second session Dr. Mehragave a brief idea about Adaptive DSP.


The presentation was followed by a Valedictory Session. Participants gave their feedback on the course. The STC ended with distribution of Participation Certificates.










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