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Multitex Filtration Engineers Ltd. Events 2016        

Industrial Visit to Multitex Filtration Engineers Ltd., Greater Noida


26th August 2016


ISTE Student Chapter, Dronacharya Group of Institutions Greater Noida organized an industrial visit to Multitex Filtration Engineers Ltd. Greater Noida on 26th August 2016. 25 students along with Prof. T Bothi Chandar, Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, DGI, Greater Noida visited the industry.


Multitex Filtration Engineers Ltd., Greater Noida started with a small capital and with dedicated team strength of Engineers. It started with providing Design, Engineering & Manufacturing services to the Filtration & Separation Industry. Multitex provides its customers complete package including Process, Mechanical, instrumentation, Feedback & Control & Electrical, from single vendor, the company prepared itself to set up a new workshop.


Capt. A. K. Tiwari (Retd), Senior General Manager and Mr. Manjeet Singh, Senior Manager in Quality, Multitex Filtration Engineers Ltd, Greater Noida welcomed the students and briefed about the Multitex Filtration. In the first phase of the visit Mr. Manjeet Singh & Mr. Deepak Kumar, discussed the concept :


1. Filtration & Separation - Filtration is any of various mechanical, physical or biological operations that separate solids from fluids (liquids or gases) by adding a medium through which only the fluid can pass whereas a Separation is a method to achieve any phenomenon that converts a mixture of chemical substance into two or more distinct product mixtures, which may be referred to as mixture at least one of which is enriched in one or more of the mixture's constituents.

2. Gas Liquid Separation Determine separation efficiency of separation units under different fluids and flow condition. It also evaluates alternative designs for minimizing pressure drop and maximizing flow through.

3. Dry Gas Filter Dry gas filters are used to remove fine debris from a gas pipeline. Dry gas filters are disposable depth type cartridges to retain contaminant in the element structure. Cartridges are sleeve type with inner and outer support housings. Support housings are re-usable with only the sleeve part disposable.


Multitex designs and manufactures a full range of Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid to provide clean, dry, metered Gas at the required pressure and temperature from the untreated, unregulated Gas source.


Most users of Fuel Gas require Gas i.e. free of liquids and solids. For satisfactory operation of Gas Turbine, manufacturers calls for specifications as under:


1. Clean Gas free of liquid and solids

2. Gas sampling & composition analysis.

3. Performance Heater for improved efficiency of Gas Turbine

4. Superheat minimum of 20 C above Gas dew point.

5. Gas metering for custody transfer or validation between Gas supplier, Gas buyer and Gas consumer.

6. Condenser Tube Cleaning System

7. On Line Tube Cleaning System


For permanent cleanliness of inner surface of Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tube, Sponge Rubber Balls with diameter slightly larger than the diameter of tube to be cleaned circulated through the tubes. Based on this process, complete system is named as Condenser On Load Tube Cleaning System.


Students took keen interest in acquiring the knowledge about the process, equipment, Gas Turbine, filtration and separation. The theoretical concepts of the students were turned into practical know - how after visiting the plant.


Some Glimpses:









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