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The Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a dynamic and rapidly growing field that brings various career opportunities in dual areas such as electric power generation, transmission, distributions and switch gears and circuits, robotics and control, computer hardware and much more. This branch of engineering is an application of physics laws governing electricity, magnetism and light. As an electrical engineer, an individual deals with the power generation, conversion, transmission, distribution, usage of electrical power etc. He also involves in designing end use devices like electric motors, machinery and ignition systems used in industry. This branch of engineering offers excellent career opportunities for the students.


Prof. Nandita Pradhan , HOD

The Students will be given industrial exposure through industrial visits and they also are trained to update their knowledge by value added seminars, guest lectures and interactive sessions with eminent industrialists together with the value added program to meet the industrial requirements in addition to curriculum.


As an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, an individual can kick start his career in the fields of drawings and specification, design, development and implementation of products or systems, research to create prototypes of new products and usages. These professionals are required by many industries in large numbers for instance, television, computer, fans, motors, refrigerators, consumer durables etc. They also get employment in hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and wherever electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed.


Electrical Engineering is an exciting job where an engineer work on the cutting edge of technology all the time. This emerging branch assists a student to know the history of electricity and its latest technology. In the curriculum of this engineering, it provides practical knowledge and ways of improvement in technology.


Mr.Vinod Kumar,
Head of the department
Elecrical & Electronics Engineering


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