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Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida
ICT based Short Training Course on “Faculty Induction Program”
January 13th - 17th, 2014

Dronacharya Group of Institutions, Greater Noida in association of NITTTR Chandigarh, MHRD, Govt. of India organized One WeekShort Training Course on “Faculty Induction Program” through ICT mode at its Network Center from 13th to 17th January, 2014. The program was structured with both spontaneous and planned sessions.


Day One : 13th January, 2014

The Program began on 13th January, 2014 when galaxy of Academicians, Industrialists and Research Scholars participated through video conferencing. In the inaugural session Prof. P. K. Tulsi coordinator of the event welcomed all the participating dignitaries and the event started with floral welcome ceremony at GEC-Ludhiana network center.


Prof. (Dr.) M.S. Murali Director, Dronacharya Group of Institutions Greater Noida was the Chief Guest for Inaugural Session at DGI Network Center. In his welcome note he congratulated NITTTR Chandigarh for conducting such kind of Short Training Courses that would unlock the gates of limitless opportunities for improving the quality of Engineering Education.


The first session began with interactive session of Dr. M.P.Poonia, Director NITTTR Chandigarh. With the help of his vast experience and insight he pointed out the challenges related to Teaching Learning Process. Dr. Poonia emphasized on promoting a culture of research and creates opportunities for faculty to enhance their knowledge. In his thought provoking presentation he focused on the various roles of a teacher as regulator, guide and facilitator.


The second speaker of the day was Mr. Amardev Singh. He discussed about the history of Intellectual Property Right which included description of patents, trademarks and copyrights etc.


Day Two: 14th January, 2014

The morning session began with the constructive discussion by Dr. M.P. Poonia on Management Skills. He focused on the role of Leadership Skills for becoming good Managers. In the post lunch session Prof. P. K. Tulsi explored the need of Industrial Training and practical work to make the professional students Industry Ready. She also focused on Practical Experiments, Natural Practical Domain, Psychomotor Domain, Components of Assessments, Industrial Training and Principles of Effective Demonstration.


In the same session Dr. S.S. Patnaik focused on Latest Technology in Teaching and Learning Process such as Wireless Revolution in Next Generation Classroom and Enhancing Cognitive Intelligence.


Day Three: 15th January, 2014

The morning session began with the presentation on “Effectiveness of Oral Communication Vs Verbal Communication” by Prof. P K Tulsi. Her presentation was an In-Depth Analysis on the various dimensions of Communication. She covered the various topics such as Communication Modes, Communication Skills and Principles of Effective Speaking, Principles of Effective Listening and Strategies for Improving Speaking Skills.


In the second session Mr. Amardev Singh’s topic of discussion was Entrepreneurship Development and the need to develop Entrepreneurship Quality among the students for the maximum and optimal utilization of available resource. He pointed out the main characteristics of an Entrepreneur should be Enthusiastic Vision, Systematic Planning, Problem Solving and Assertive, Self Confidence.


In the third session Dr. Maitree Dutta discussed “E-Content Generation Tools”. His presentation focused on using information through Electronic Media like Computer, Mobiles, Tabs etc. He also pointed out the revolutionary changes in the field of education by E-learning.


Day Four : 16th January, 2014

The first session was conducted by Dr S. S. Bedi on “Interpretation of Results”. She defined the terms reliability and validity and explained the relation between them. She discussed the necessary steps for setting the question papers. She discussed the Bloom’s Cognitive Domain which includes Evaluation, Synthesis, Analysis, Application Comprehension and Knowledge.


Second Speaker of the session was Mr. Rakesh Kumar Wats. He discussed on “Creativity and Innovation”. His presentation focused on creativity which can be further be divided into fluency, feasibility, Social links and Originality.


Third speaker Dr P. K. Tulsi discussed on “Expectation of Industry from Technical Graduates”. She pointed out some flaws which exists in Technical Education System and suggested the corrective measures that need to be applied.


A group of experts was invited through ICT for the panel discussion from Network Centers. Prof B. L. Kaul was the expert for panel discussion at DGI Gr. Noida network center. In his note he discussed various issues that can bridge the gap between industry expectation and the quality of students. He thanked to NITTTR for including such relevant topics in STC.


Day Five : 17th January, 2014

In the first session Prof. D. S. Pabla talked about “Professional and Industry Requirements”. Through his presentation he highlighted the problems related to academics and the requirement of industry. He emphasized the need to re-examine the existing institutional structure and various new initiatives to be taken for the up liftment of Education System.


In the second session Dr. M. P. Poonia discussed on “Role of Teachers in Education Environment”. He explored Development Coincident of Human Rights and Socio-Economic Division in India. He also presented graphical view of some topics such as SMOG, Causes of Pollution and the problems of Inequality. He suggested making the future of our children bright by sacrificing our today.


The valedictory session started at 2:00 p.m. by Prof. Dr P. K. Tulsi. She invited all network centers’ Chief Guest and asked for feedback from the participants. Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Poonia Director NITTTR Chandigarh also thanked all the participants for making the session successful. The entire session was fabricated with interactions, discussions and enthusiastic queries. The program was highly successful and participative as it equipped the faculty members with knowledge on various issues related to teaching learning process.

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